The Lion, The Witch, and, What’s in Her Wardrobe: Or, Why You Should Care About Archetypes

When C.S. Lewis wrote his classic The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe, he was moralizing a tale of powerful recurring archetypes. These archetypes resurface time and again in our folk tales, stories, and mythologies.  They also occur in our politics.  Now, politics is a shrewd business.  It pays to know when one is being gamed by the process.  Let me explain the 2016 election cycle and the archetypes that are in play.


On one hand, we have the lion represented by the visage of Donald Trump. He is a rather foppish lion with his “unique” manner of grooming, to be sure; but, he represents the lion nonetheless.  His manner is brash and his language and articulated policy is often angry and reactionary.  To some he is the visage of strength.


The Lion



Recognize him? This one has a better stylist!



To others he is the fool—a relative political newcomer, buoyed by overconfidence at having bested the best that the Republican Party had to offer. Although, it should be noted, Donald Trump’s “art of the deal” has long made its way out of the favors he has bought from politicians.  Time will tell if this is a bane or a boon to his campaign.


The Fool…




On the other hand, we have the image of the presumptive Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton.   She is represented by The High Priestess.  The High Priestess possesses arcane knowledge. She has secrets—lots, and lots of secrets.  Democrat, Hillary Clinton, is also represented by the Queen archetypes. Depending on which of the Queen archetypes being communicated at the time, Hillary will either play for our emotions, communicate confidence, be, or not be, the epitome of composure, and represent the guardian of our material wealth.

Priestess tarot

She has secrets….

Queen cards tarot

The manifestations of the Queen.



If you care that she is wearing an Armani, you are being gamed by archetypes.


Now, depending on which archetype you buy into. The Lion, representing strength will either triumph or be tamed by The Queen.  Vanquished, The Lion will revert to his assigned role as The Fool.


Strength tarot

The Queen tames the lion



The lion tamed

Aslan on the altar….


the white witch wears aslan's mane

Jadis wears Aslan’s shorn mane and assumes the role of a doppelganger….


tarot-foolOr, the Fool….



To be certain, there a more variations on this theme, and, certainly more archetypes that are at play. Just know, that selecting ruling authority is an ancient and honed tradition. It pays to know when you are being gamed, and by whom.


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