Rhymes of Rebellion

Rhymes of Rebellion

By Harry Shaw

Bandera, Texas

10 July, 2015




Where were you when they came for the Buddhas?


No doubt sipping on an icy Coke,


When the sentinels at Bamiyan went up in smoke.


Everybody loves their Mullahs.




Everyone has a bitch.


Every rattlesnake has its rattle.


Everyone has a burr under their saddle.


Toss the pages of history in the ditch.



Jihadists’ jihad upon the past.


Just think how long ancient Sumer has last.


Beheading statues and Christians alike for their Mullahs.


One can never go too far for their Allahs.




Now our American Mullahs vote to ban a flag.


And dig up dead generals from their graves.


Ban the banner, and, sell not the scarves and staves!


Sing songs of anarchy! Top the bottle with an oily rag.





Now if I were from Alabama,


I’d be a Talibana.


Now burn that banjo on your knee!


And forget not that every tyrant and rebel has his creed!




Now folks like me, have a proposition,


What the hell happened to the Loyal Opposition?


Politicians, hucksters, and inglorious gas bags,


Accusers’ sins unredeemed in their own preambles and flags.






Ban you statues, ban you flags;


And, artist and rebel alike will raise another!


Look at me! I’m offended!


Curses! Curses! Tear asunder!




Here we sit on our tottering thrones in this world of war,


And seek to kill off the past that rises with us.


Please tell me! Which of the past years are,


Ours for the keeping?